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The Strange Adventures of Bone Boy #5
Joe Haines' ectoplasmic epic continues! In The Strange Adventures of Bone Boy #5, our favorite Purgatorial secret agent sets out on a fairly routine nightmare rescue...but something nefarious is afoot! What powers of the Nightmare Realm are scheming against our skeletal protagonist? You'll have to read it to find out!!
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Yes you. With the face.

You know what this means?
You don't know...? Never mind. Forget we said anything.

Don't ask us what it means! We can't tell you. They won't let us. And don't ask who "THEY" are! Just take all your questions and stuff them way, way down into the Dark Place, where you put the Bad Memories...

These Tales can't hurt you if you don't look at them...they can't get into your brain...warp your psyche...make you think things. In other words, they can't...BEFUDDLE YOU.

So go home. Lock your door. Cover the windows. Unplug everything. Because Tales is coming, so you'd best get prepared...