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MSU Comics Forum  

Yes, Blind Alley Comics WILL be at the MSU Comics Forum's Artist Alley!! This FREE event features talent from around the Greater Lansing area and beyond, as well as keynote speakers, panel discussions, and displays of comics from the MSU Comics Library. Don't miss it!

COST: **FREE!!!**
WHEN: Saturday, February 24 from 11am to 5pm
WHERE: MSU Main Library, 366 W Circle Dr, East Lansing
PARKING: Ramps #6 or #2
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The Human Cannonball #8  


That's right, Fearful Readers, The Human Cannonball #8 is set to launch on Sunday, February 24th, just in time for MSU Comics Forum! Dull the salt-corroded blade of late winter with this next installment of mirth and merriment from the cabin-fevered imagination of Rick Schlaack! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll howl through the next miserable, maddening 6 weeks of tortuous cold with this amazing tale of dark magicks and darker family secrets.Coming soon to Etsy, and hopefully a store near you, unless we get another #@&!-ing snowstorm! All work and no play makes Rick a dull boy! Hahahahahahaaaa...!

We're sure you'll enjoy it.

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New Section: The Library 

Due to a surplus of imagination, Blind Alley Comics can no longer contain its storytelling genius between two printed covers...we must be free! And what better way to show off our talent than through short downloadable comics?

The new "Library" section will replace the "Updates" section, and provide readers with the opportunity to browse a constantly-growing selection of short comic book stories, most of them eight pages or less. Some of these will have appeared previously in other works; most will be brand-spanking-new!

Pictured at right is our inaugural piece, Rick's 24 Hour Comic, "Shiawassee". Stay tuned for more amazing comics in the year to come!

New year, new cool stuff! Look for these big new events to unfold as 2018 ripens...